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Pricing Table Where do I find Reloadly Pricing? Sophia Rascon

Reloadly operates a transparent and open system. You can find the pricing for each operator in your user Portal under the Pricing Tab, clicking on Airtime

You will see the following Airtime Pricing table:

We offer two types of pricing:

  • Local is focused on local businesses delivering the maximum FX and lowest discounts. This pricing is not available for all operators

  • International is focused on giving you the best commission (discount). The delivery amount is affected by FX

Select your target country

You will see the list of all available operators in your selected country and the price we offer which includes:

  • SKU: the operator unique identifier

  • Operator: the operator name

  • Base Currency: your account's base currency

  • Country: the operator's country

  • Discounts: the percentage commission you get back to your Reloadly wallet when you top up. This differs per operator

  • FX: the delivery amount per monetary unit sent

  • Values: the possible amounts you can send. You can see all ranges in brackets and buttons with "See Values" that you can click to see the fixed amounts.

  • Denomination: specifies whether the values are RANGE (you can send any amount within the range) or FIXED (you can only send the amounts specified)

  • Status: specifies if the operator is ACTIVE or INACTIVE

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