Payment History Report

Payment History Report Sophia Rascon

When you click on "My Reports" and then on Payment History you will find your payment history reports.

This is how your Payment History Report looks:

You will see the following details:

Payment ID: the payment unique identifier

Confirmation number: the payment confirmation number

Currency: the payment currency

Amount: the amount added to your balance

Old Balance: your previous balance before the new amount was added

New Balance: your new balance after the new amount was added

Date: the date the payment was added to your wallet

Card: the card identifier if a card was used to make this payment

Card Type: the card type

You may search by Date.

If you have any issues with a payment not being reflected in your wallet, please send us the receipt of the wire/paypal/zelle at or through the chat and we will check the payment and add it to your wallet.

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