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International Pricing Example

International Pricing Example Understand how our pricing works with this example Sophia Rascon

In this example you have an account in Europe with 100 EUR balance in your wallet and you want to send a topup to Tigo Guatemala.

You check the Pricing table and you filter by operator name, Tigo Guatemala. We will use the International pricing since you are sending a cross-border topup

You see that Tigo Guatemala has a 9% discount and an FX of 8.60962

The possible values you can send to Tigo Guatemala are FIXED

You click on See Values and you see: 5.85, 8.36, 10.04, 12.54

These amounts are in EUR, the same currency as your account.

You decide to send 10.04 EUR

1. How much will be delivered to the recipient's phone?

10.04 EUR x FX 8.60962 = 86,44 GTQ

2. How much will you earn as commission?

10.04 EUR x 9% discount = 0,9036 EUR

3. How much money will you have in your Reloadly Wallet after this topup?

100 - 10.04 cost + 0,9036 discount = 90,86 EUR

If you still have questions related to our pricing please contact our Customer Success team. We will be happy to help!

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