Giftcard Transactions Report

Giftcard Transactions Report Understand every field and column in your Giftcard Transaction Report Sophia Rascon

When you click on "My Reports" and "Giftcard Transactions" you will see the following table:

You will see the following details:

ID: we will need this field whenever you report an issue with a giftcard

Product Name: This is the giftcard product selected

Currency: this is the giftcard currency

Country: this is the country where the giftcard is redeemable

Date: the transaction date

Qty: the amount of giftcards that were bought

Unit price: this is the giftcard value

Total price: this is the total price of your order

Fee: any fees that apply

Commission: this is the commission you get for this transaction (it remains in your wallet)

You may search by Date and filter by Brand Name, User Email, Status and Transaction ID.

If you have any issues regarding a giftcard transaction please contact our Customer Success team. We will be more than glad to help!

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